Pet Portraits

What is a Pet Portrait?

Well, that would be a commissioned painting or drawing of your pet.  It could be done in any medium from pencil sketches to a pastel drawing, watercolour, acrylic or oil studies.  This might depend on your preferences, the animal and perhaps even come down to the decor in the room where you would want to be hanging the finished portrait.

Why Order a Pet Portrait?​​​​​​​​​​​

​Pet portraits are an ideal way to immortalise your favorite pet forever. We all know that our pets are a big part of the family so why not order a portrait as a way of owning a unique tribute to them!

You don’t own a pet?  What about your friends – do they own pets?  Would they perhaps love a portrait of their favourite dog/cat or other pet?

​A Birthday or Christmas Present

A guaranteed winner for a pet owner. As a present a pet portrait is a truly personal gift that shows how well you know the person the gift is bought for.  If you aren’t sure what pose your friend or family member might like, remember, there is always the option of a gift certificate and then they can choose their favourite photograph to get the portrait painted from.

​​​A Memorial Gift

Not a favourite of mine (for obvious reasons), but many people like to have favourite pets immortalised after they have passed away.  A portrait can make an ideal memorial for a loved pet that is not with us any more.


This is a pet portrait which I did for a friend in Australia. I did it as a surprise for her and she loved it so much I’m about to send the original to her. I did the drawing in Chalk pastels on card



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